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Since we are a branch of Hanze that can poke out into the realm of extracurricular activities, and there are many students who have shared interests and hobbies but no real place to practice those – we have our Clubs initiative. The CT Labs clubs are a number of informal, student-led gatherings of like-minded individuals, who come together every other week to practice their hobby together. This doesn’t have to be related to the study, or to Hanze, or to anything – as long as there are enough people that want to do the thing, we will do our best to host a club for that. Signing up is free, joining is free, we even do our best to provide (some) materials for you as well. All to brighten your time at Hanze even more. Learn more about the clubs, check the schedule, and sign up right here, or join the Discord for the latest, greatest news and updates.

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