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Control an Arduino with ProtoPie

ProtoPie is a powerful tool that can be used for making dynamic prototypes for web, mobile or desktop applications. With ProtoPie you can make complex hi-fi wireframes that use variables, conditions, timeline based animations and more…

For this article, I will focus on using ProtoPie Studio (to make the prototype), ProtoPie Player and ProtoPie Connect to light up the onboard LED on an Arduino UNO. It is focused on making the connection between Arduino and ProtoPie, so once that connection is in place, the step to using other output on the Arduino is easy. Sending messages to ProtoPie is also possible and will be covered in a separate article.

Introduction to the Raspberry Pi


The Raspberry Pi is a so called Single Board Computer. It is a complete computer at the size of a deck of cards. It has USB, HDMI, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth and you can hook up a camera and all kinds of sensors and actuators (like LED’s and motors). There are multiple versions available, Pi Zero and Pi 4 probably being the most popular options.

TDS Water Quality Sensor


Use this sensitive measurement board to determine the quality of water based on its total dissolved solids or TDS. Find out whether your tap water is clean, or keep an eye on your aquarium water, and more!

This set includes the measurement board as well as a detachable water-proof measurement probe of 60 cm. The board has a standard 3-pin header interface connector and has a simple analog voltage readout.